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The Business News Headlines 9 January 2019

January 9, 2019

We've got some interesting stories from the business world just a click away. For example we'll talk about the four day win for the Dow. Also:

  • There are mountains of this stuff sitting in cold storage...mountains;
  • What are the economics of the government shutdown? We'll share;
  • What? No more Marlboro cigarettes?
  • Tom Steyer isn't running for president in 2020 but he had some interesting things to say.

Also today, speaking of politics, we're going to spend some time with Mark Langgin a partner in GPS Impact a political messaging business. You'll learn more than you may want to know about you, your data, how it is used in politics and who is paying attention to what.  All critical things as we head into 2020. To hear that conversation click here.

Thanks for listening!