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The Business News Headlines 19 February 2020

February 19, 2020

It's mid-week and the markets bounced back today and no doubt would have gone higher if it wasn't for the Fed suggesting that interest rates are going to stay put for a bit.  Here are the stories for today:

  • More and more seniors are entering the job market...and what are they doing?
  • Bottled water is in trouble in more than one state;
  • Another restaurant chain ignoring child labor laws;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • "Friends" continues to make new friends and lots of money.

Those stories plus a Marketing Tip this time about podcasting. What is it about content that really impacts? You will be surprised. Also in this segment I'll offer some equipement tips, social media tips and more.  It's called "Think Before You Podcast" and you can here 

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