Insight On Business the News Hour

Insight on Business 4 November 2013

This is Insight on Business the News Hour With Michael Libbie for Monday November 4, 2013. During our live broadcast on 1350-KRNT Des Moines we offer up the business news of the day along with the stock market report and commodity report.   We also welcome two guests to the IOB Newsroom.  This half hour we visit with our new friend Becky McCray about a HOST of issues from rural economic development, small business tips to public speaking to…tourism and more.  Becky McCray in this half hour. 

Then after we round the bottom of the hour we make welcome Brianne Sanchez and we’re talking about a new program she’s working on for young professionals working in the non-profit sector.  Very good stuff from one of our favorite people.  

If you are into business and have a story you think we should cover send it along to and follow us on Twitter @IoB_NewsHour and our Facebook page with photos and more is right here

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