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Insight on Business 5 November 2013

November 5, 2013

This is Insight on Business the News Hour With Michael Libbie for Tuesday, November 05, 2013. We're pleased to have you along as we cover the business news of the day on the only hour-long, live and local business broadcast in the region.  Today, along with the news, stocks and agricultural commodity report we’ll welcome two guests to the IoB Newsroom.  This half hour we’ll be visiting with Jason White from the Warren County Economic Development Corporation.  Warren County has been the scene of some remarkable economic development news and Jason will be here to detail those stories and more.  Then we make welcome Katie Roth of Portico Staffing a local employment agency here in the Metro.  What is it that her business offers business, what are the trends she is seeing and how can your business benefit from her services.  Oh, and why did she call her company…Portico?  That and more with Katie Roth.

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