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The Business News Headlines 9 July 2020

Can you believe it's already Thursday?  Here is what we've got for you today in the business news headlines:

  • Big means better when it comes to restaurants;
  • Starbucks says no face masks, no service;
  • Boeing and the Feds;
  • Jumbo loans at Wells Fargo;
  • Meanwhile Wells may cut thousands of jobs;
  • Reopening of schools the decisions are tough;
  • The Biden Economic Plan rolled out today;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • The Supreme Court decision today;
  • How much should you tip during the pandemic.

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The Business News Headlines 7 July 2020

What goes up, must come down and that's what happened today on Wall Street as the Dow fell by 280 points in the final hour of trading.  That and these stories for you today:

  • Denim maker Levi Strauss saw sales tank;
  • COVID19 and falling home prices in some cities;
  • You really, really like Disney+ it seems;
  • He took a knee now he's working with Disney;
  • Gold prices are going up;
  • In New Jersey you can pray but not see movies;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • ICE says they will deport foreign, really.

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The Business News Headlines 29 June 2020

On Wall Street it was a complete reversal to what we saw on Friday.  Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Business News Headlines.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Stunning News - Half of Americans Out of Work;
  • Next up...the Cash Cliff;
  • Cake news from Costco - No, there's a point;
  • The world without an office...but will it last;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The end of the Master Bedroom.

Those stories plus Kathleen Riessen a speaker, author and business coach joins me to talk about the important stuff every successful business person pays attention to. We'll talk about her book "Joy in Uncertainty" and more. To hear that conversation, click here.  

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The Business News Headlines 25 June 2020

There were two bad reports out today but Wall Street said, "What? Me worry?". Thanks for coming by here's what we've got for you in the business news headlines:

  • The GDP shrank and Wall Street said, "Meh.";
  • More tough tariff talk but this time not China;
  • Mixed bag of more retail cuts and some hires;
  • Some Citibank customers are not happy;
  • We have far to go with employment issues;
  • Dead folks and stimulus bucks;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Spending habits are changing and for some interesting reasons.

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The Business News Headlines 23 June 2020

It's becoming harder and harder to square what is going on with Wall Street while the nation grapples with even more COVID19 cases. Welcome back and this is what we've got for you today:

  • Americans are saving more...but is it enough;
  • A surprise announcement about new home sales in May;
  • Let's peek into your closet;
  • J.C. Penny closing more stores;
  • Johnson & Johnson loses their appeal;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Dr. Fauci testified today; scary news.

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The Business News Headlines 10 June 2020

It's Wednesday and we've got the business news headlines from today the 10th day of June 2020. Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Fed said no rate hikes until 2022;
  • Wall Street seems not to care if Biden wins;
  • It's coming back...the $1,000 haircut;
  • Still billions waiting for small businesses but...
  • The Fed decision and your wallet;
  • The Iowa State Fair is a no-go for 2020;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Older workers have a hard choice to make.

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The Business News Headlines 28 May 2020

Wall Street was rolling along pretty well and then in the final hour...opps!  It's the business news headlines for Thursday the 28th of May, thanks for being here. Here's what we've got teed up for you:

  • Another 2.1 Americans file for unemployment. Have we hit bottom;
  • Airlines begin cutting more jobs;
  • April numbers for pending home sales are...
  • Brace yourself, more retail store closings;
  • Renters and Automated Background issue;
  • What happens if your boss says, "Stay home and work.";
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • J.C. Penny and going out of business sales.

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The Business News Headlines 26 May 2020

Hope that you had a memorable Memorial Day and we're grateful to be back from a day off. In the business news today:

  • Wall Street while Americans worry;
  • More vaccine talk and a new player;
  • Grocery prices to go...up and why;
  • Another restaurant chain downsizing;
  • Heard of "COVID-Campers;
  • The "Back to Work" incentive;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Small Businesses and the "COVID-Fee".

Those stories plus a conversation with Tero Trainer Kyle Hopkins. Kyle and I talk about the strain social distancing has on our culture and how it's different than many parts of the world. We also talk about connectivity, changes in business models due to the pandemic and more. Kyle Hopkins from Tero InternationalTo listen, just click here.  

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The Business News Headlines 21 May 2020

We took yet another hit with a new set  of unemployment numbers today and that has a, slight, impact on Wall Street. Here are the stories we've got cooked up for you today:

  • The biggest mall in the U.S. has missed 2 months of mortgage payments;
  • We like it:  New Zealand is considering a nationwide 4 day work week;
  • Billionaires and the Pandemic - Doing quite well thank you;
  • Small Businesses in Big Trouble;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • COVID19 details from today...worldwide.

Those stories plus an emotional conversation with the Executive Director of the Iowa CareGivers Association, Di FindleyWe'll be talking about issues such as COVID19 Testing, Child Care Issues & Concerns and Personal Protective Equipment. In April the Iowa CareGivers Association conducted surveys on those three issues and the answers highlight the massive problems Iowa has with our direct caregiving efforts. For reference here is the official State of Iowa COVID10 Website. To hear that conversation click here. 

The Business News Headlines 18 May 2020

Once again "Hope springs eternal" as investors cheered news about a possible vaccine and oil for July delivery shot up.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • What's going on with the bulls on Wall Street;
  • Restaurants say "social distancing" will do their businesses in;
  • What are "Negative Interest Rates;
  • What about your home mortgage;
  • Mark Cuban is all in for "Trickle Up Economics";
  • Can virtual meetings promote gender equality?

Also today Laura Kinnard from Drake University, DMACC and The Runway Innovation Studio is in to talk about virtual events and some thoughts about the future of  You can hear

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