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The Business News Headlines & More 6 November 2019

The markets were supposed to...go up today. That's not exactly what happened as as you can see by the close. Ouch  Why and what else are in the news today:

  • What happened on Wall Street and why;
  • The U.S. has a problem with...productivity;
  • Why watching productivity matters;
  • Bank of American raises their minimum wage;
  • You, yes you, are spending way too much on your vehicle;
  • A grocery store story;
  • A big soccer deal is headed to Des Moines, Iowa.

Those stories plus the organization that is taking on the high cost of prescription drugs is serious and elected officials at the federal and state level need to pay attention because these Brad Anderson is our guest and we'll talk about that and  more. To listen, click here. 

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The Business News & More 31 October 2019

Welcome to the Halloween Edition of the Business News Headlines...and yes, it was scary today on Wall Street. Stories we've got for you today:

  • The comeback for J.C. Penny might mean less clothing and more yoga;
  • Ford is closing another plant according to the tentative UAW contract;
  • We've got a Halloween Candy story for you;
  • The "go to" store for low income shoppers is....
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Also today, Brad Anderson from AARP-Iowa joins me to chat it up about the Des Moines, Iowa City Council Forum they recently held. You'll learn about the top areas of concern for their membership, "complete streets", creating age friendly cities, new ideas for transportation...and more To listen to that conversation, click here

The Business News & More 30 October 2019

The Fed cut interest rates by a quarter of a percent and at first the markets went..."Meh..." That story and more today:

  • What caused the "Meh" early today;
  • What's in a name? Ask Molson Coors;
  • What health care has to do with lagging wages;
  • Some new GDP concerns;
  • So those rising steel prices?  Not so fast;
  • Beggars Night explained;
  • Twitter says "NO!" to political advertising.

Those stories and a conversation with Dr. Tom Ahart the Superintendent of the Des Moines Public Schools about a vote coming up on Tuesday of next week that will have a major impact on students and facilities. We'll explain how an increase in the tax levy for physical plant won't increase property taxes. THe vote is on the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy or PPEL. Take a few minutes to learn more. You can hear that conversation here. 

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The Business News & More 25 October 2019

The markets bumped up on the final trading day of the week. We've got the numbers inside for you. In addition we've got these stories:

  • 44 million American's and Student Debt;
  • Subprime Auto Loans are Defaulting;
  • One of the largest malls opens but, anybody going;
  • Our U.S. Budget Deficit...just got bigger;
  • Productivity and the 25 Hour Work Week;
  • Recruiters and...Seven Words.

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine is in for Stuff to DO in the DSM Metro this weekend into next week. To hear that fun stuff, click here

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The Business News Headlines & More 24 October 2019

The markets struggled all day and in the end the Dow missed making it back to the flat-line. It's the business news headlines for Thursday the 24th day of October. And, we've got a shorter segment today because we've got a rare two-part interview with the current Mayor of the City of Des Moines, Iowa, Frank Cownie.  In the news:

  • What happened today on Wall Street;
  • Tesla is now the most valuable U.S. automaker;
  • Flight's a thing;
  • Twitter stock drops and we'll share why;
  • Pot profits...going up in smoke.

Those stories plus a two-part long form interview with Mayor Frank Cownie.  Mayor Cownie has served the city of Des Moines, Iowa for 16 years and he wants another four. I'll ask him why voters should reward him for that. Plus we'll talk about promises made and he says...kept. Here is Part One

Then in Part Two we'll talk about the water issue that impacts not only Des Moines but also the surrounding communities that buy water from the Des Moines Water Works. We'll also get into flooding, climate change and more.  Here is Part Two.

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The Business News and More 16 October 2019

Yesterday everybody was excited about earnings so much. We've got a full boat for you let's get started:

  • Yesterday was a memory as retail sales numbers sank Wall Street;
  • The United Auto Workers and General Motors...a settlement?
  • Need new tires before winter? We've got a tip;
  • Airlines are fretting over the return of the Boeing Max 737;
  • The ghost of 2016 comes back to haunt Wells Fargo;
  • Big meat is falling in love meat.

Those stories plus my two-part interview with Des Moines mayoral candidate former Sen. Jack Hatch. In Part One we'll review who Jack is and why he is running. He'll talk about water, Des Moines, education and "forgotten neighborhoods". Here is Part One

Then in Part Two we'll talk about something nobody seems to want to discuss and that is the crushing poverty just outside of downtown. He's got some ideas and we were eager to listen. Plus, and yes, we'll talk about potholes.  Here is Part Two with Jack Hatch.

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The Business News Headlines & More 10 October 2019

Wall Street trended higher today on the hope that the U.S. and China will see some progress this week. In other business news today:

  • If you are looking for a slightly used vehicle we've got good news;
  • China wants something from the NBA they are not willing to give;
  • Social Security folks get a bump;
  • The UAW strike day 23 and an update;
  • Stress out due to money? Yes say Gen X...
  • Want a job? Delivery is a big deal;
  • A happy job? Work from home and make...more.

Those stores and our Small Business Spotlight shines on Nancy Emmert from Pure and Lasting Transformation. Nancy is a health and wellness coach...and her uptempo spirit caused us to take notice. Click here to listen.

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The Business News Headlines & More 8 October 2019

Wall Street opened down and stayed that way as more and more investors see any deal with China slipping away. It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 8th of we go:

  • Dick's Sporting Goods turns $5 million worth of inventory to...scrap;
  • Stocks took a hit today lots of China news;
  • The NBA and China;
  • The UAW strike against GM - Day 22 and an update;
  • Taxed too much? Fix that by becoming wealthy;
  • The major skills gap in the U.S. is....

Those stories and a Two-Part conversation with California Congressman Ro Khanna. This is Part One of my conversation with Congressman Ro Khanna who has been to Iowa nearly as often as some presidential candidates. His efforts have largely been in support of new technologies that will re-imagine Rural America. We talk about that, Silicon Valley, unions and more before we get into Medicare for All in the next segment. To listen click here. 

Here, in Part Two of my conversation with California Congressman Ro Khanna, we talk about Medicare for All something that Congressman Khanna has supported and says there is so much dis-information out there he wants to set the record straight. So, we talk about taxes, rural hospitals, health care today and much more. Then, we visit a bit about Sen. Bernie Sanders and how his recent hospital trip may make his call for a universal health care system more...personal. Listen here! 


The Business News & More 3 October 2019

Even with continuing headwinds Wall Street was able to pull off a win today. Welcome to the Business News Headlines for Thursday the 3rd of October. On tap today:

  • The Jobs Report is due tomorrow morning and it's important;
  • President Trump signs an executive order about Medicare;
  • The housing sector seems to be booming;
  • Young people are leaving glitzy cities for lower cost communities;
  • Unions, Nurses and Wages it seems to be a trend;
  • Tesla disappoints and its stock suffers.

Those stories and for the interview I'll visit with Natalie Veldhouse a research associate from the Iowa Policy Project about the little known reality that Iowa is such a low wage state, why it matters and what forces are at work to keep it that way. That stunning conversation is right here.

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The Business News Headlines & More 27 September 2019

Wall Street was set adrift today due to several factors from more impeachment talk to a new plan on China to some disappointing economic news. That store plus...

  • The "Wealth Gap" is getting wider and by state;
  • The ongoing GM/UAW strike could be...ongoing;
  • Elon Musk says he can deliver;
  • Dicks Sporting Goods says their new customers are women.

Also today Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine joins me to chat it up about Stuff to DO in the Metro this weekend into next week. Let's GO!

PLUS! You get an extra!  Laura Kinnard and Patricia Grote join me for a conversation about repurposing a nearly vacant mall on the Southside of Des Moines. Southridge could soon be home to an Immigrant Welcome Center full of opportunities. That conversation is here

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