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The Business News Headlines & More 1 July 2019

Welcome to a new month and a holiday shortened work week for many of us. Today the markets started out with a bang...moderated a bit but by the bell the Dow was up 117 points to 26,717 the NASDAQ gained a whopping 84 points and the S&P 500 was up by over 22 points.  In other business news headlines:

  • Another daily newspaper shuttered today;
  • Millennials are following in their parents and grandparents footsteps;
  • What are the top five performing franchises in the U.S.
  • And, what five franchises are in trouble;
  • Wells Fargo and Principal Financial in the news;
  • Facing an industry turnover rate of 117% this chain does something different.

Those stories plus some time with Laura Kinnard from as we talk about road diets, food diets, business blogging and even  some networking events in this short week. To hear that, just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 27 June 2019

Signs pointed to a weak open for the Dow and it, for the most part, stayed that way. Reason? Eyes on the G-20 and the global economy.  In the business news headlines here is what we've got and stay with us for a conversation with Congressman Ro Khanna about a host of items.

  • Remember when Pier One Imports;
  • Ford announces labor cuts;
  • What? Jobless claims were up last week;
  • Americans are worried and maybe they have reason to be;
  • We'll talk cellphone batteries;
  • An elegant French restaurant leaves a tiny town;
  • Amazon makes news...again.

Those stories plus this conversation with Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) about a host of issues. It seems timely seeing how tonight is the second of the televised presidential debates. To hear that conversation click here. 

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The Business News Headlines and More 25 June 2019

Each day we bring you news and information that makes our business news calendar. Today we've got these stories for you as well as a Small Business Spotlight featuring Gerald Young from Young G's BBQ Sauce....and's good stuff!

  • Trade, Trade, Trade and G-20;
  • Companies finding work-arounds to tariffs;
  • Oh Oh...the Insta-Pot;
  • Big drug deal to talk about and why it matters;
  • Home prices rebound and that is good and bad;
  • A scary story about the cost of long term care and why it matters.

Those stories plus our conversation with Gerald Young a veteran who says he wants to give back to a nation that has given him opportunities with his Young G's BBQ SauceTo hear that conversation click here. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 24 June 2019

Welcome to Monday and the business news headlines for the 24th of June...thanks as always for being here and clicking through. Today we've got these stories and a click away for Laura Kinnard.

  • Along with everything else Midwestern Farmers face big hurdles;
  • Gaming is gambling you are into throwing $ at them;
  • The fast food world has a new star;
  • Fresh beef and McDonald's a good investment;
  • Legal issues between two big companies over a name;
  • Supreme Court and tariffs;
  • New issues with Iran;
  • Robots at Casey's?

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from joins me to chat it up about art as a business, the Des Moines Social Club (not to be confused with the Social Media Club of Des Moines...which we also talk about), the DSM Magazine event and networking for women. To hear all of here.

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The Business News Headlines & More 13 June 2019

It's the early edition of Insight on Business the News Hour with stories you may have missed and some that are really top of mind. Let's go:

  • The Working Lunch a bad habit gets worse;
  • Import prices fell last month...and the Fed?
  • The plastic grocery sack that will shock you;
  • The word business hates is with us every day;
  • News from the "Speedy Delivery War";
  • Chain restaurants believe you want MORE;
  • Spies are lurking on LinkedIn.

Those stories plus a Throwback Thursday conversation with Dr. Chris Draper about Velocity Economics.  What is it? How does it work? Will it work?  He says it already has.  Click here for that conversation.

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The Business News Headlines and More 12 June 2019

We've got the business news headlines for you and they are just a click away. Today you'll learn more about these stories and we go Out to Lunch with political organizer Pete D'Alessandro. Here's what's on tap today: 

  • The stuff you buy isn't going up in price;
  • Good news for drivers;
  • Two retail stories (Walmart & Kohls);
  • Why a company is scraping the launch of it's new laptop;
  • Wait! Amazon DIDN'T succeed at something?
  • How about a "submarine car";
  • Reverse mortagages are coming back to haunt;
  • The employees that don't want a raise.

Those stories and Quick Bites with our Out to Lunch Guest Pete D'Alessandro. Three questions we ask each of our guests. It will help you get to know our thought leader and political organizer. To hear Quick Bites click here. 

Then we go Out to Lunch at Trostel's Dish with Pete and talk politics. Chicago politics, Illinois politics, unions, Iowa politics, and something called "Democratic Socialism" that Pete says scares the hell out of folks until they realize how many things are already working for them that comes from Democratic Socialism. To hear that conversation, over lunch, click here.. 

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Quick Bites with Pete D’Alessandro - Three Questions

Each week, as I take a thought leader Out to Lunch we start off with three questions. We call this Quick Bites. Here our guest talks about the impact of books and movies plus...if Pete D'Alessandro was not a political organizer what in the heck would he love to be doing. I think you'll find this interesting and enlightening. Quick Bites with Pete! 

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The Business News Headlines and More 10 June 2019

Each weekday we bring you some interesting business news stories about everything from mergers, deals, food and marketing. Here's what we have for you today...the 10th Day of June, 2019.

  • Robots are breaking out of their cages;
  • Signs of deep economic troubles for the south;
  • Fiat Chrysler makes a play for autonomous cars;
  • Two multi-billion dollar deals;
  • Tattoos OK says Air New Zealand;
  • The "mood lighting" says for another year;
  • Power lunches going the way of the three martini lunch;
  • Beyond Meat is beyond successful.

Those stories and Laura Kinnard from and Drake University pops in for a conversation about money, starting a business at 50+, networking and crickets No, really. To listen to that conversation just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 29 May 2019

Welcome to the Business News Headlines for Wednesday the 29th day of May...where has this month gone? We've got a quick programing note...we're trying something a bit different and putting this up well before 5pm Central. Why? We noticed that getting the news headlines in advance of the end of the day seems to be the right thing to do. So...we're going to try this for a bit.  Meanwhile today:

  • That "Trade War Thingy" just got more interesting;
  • The markets take a bath on worry;
  • IHOP pulling our leg...again?
  • That Galaxy Fold the wait ain't over;
  • Lordstown, Ohio back in the news;
  • So, you're "optimistic" about the that a good thing?
  • Putting ear plugs on smart speakers;
  • And the favorite airline is....

Those stories plus we go Out to Lunch with our guest Brad Anderson from AARP-Iowa. But before we settle in to order we always do "Quick Bites" three questions for our guest. Let's see how Brad does: To hear that segment click here. 

Out to Lunch is a weekly segment where I get to take a thought leader Out to Lunch and you get to listen in on our business conversation. Click through to learn more about Brad, his passion about public service, the new programs being rolled out and how they will impact every family...not just AARP members. Enjoy. To listen in click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 14 May 2019

What a difference a day makes...twenty-four little hours.  It's the business news headlines and today this is what we've got cooked up for you:

  • 24 hours ago the sky was falling. Today? "Dead cat bounce";
  • While UBER was bleeding cash big banks raked in the loot;
  • How long will the trade war last? Some say a long time;
  • Hungry and stuck in traffic? Burger King has an app for that;
  • Heard about the class action suit against Turbo-Tax?
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Also today we're going to deliver to you Quick Bites part of our Out to Lunch segment where I get to ask our guest three questions. Today it's John Norris, partner with the State Public Policy Group who is going to share with us his favorite book, movie and if he wasn't doing what he is doing now...what might he like to be doing. John Norris and Quick Bites at Trostel's Dish. Here is that conversation