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The Business News Headlines 14 January 2020

It was nice while it lasted...think conflicting signals when it comes to China and Trade. It's the Tuesday Edition of the Business News Headlines. Today:

  • Trump Trade Tariffs to stay in place;
  • Wages & Restaurant Workers;
  • Shake Shack gets inventive;
  • It once was the world's largest airplane maker;
  • Amazon and FedEx make nice;
  • The Market Report from Wall Street;
  • Work for Food? But, does

Those stories plus we get hyper-local with a fun couple Angela Carter from Skin - Body - Soul and Beau Fodor from Panache who are teaming up with their friends from Williams-Sonoma at the Jordan Creek Town Center. Listen as they chat about their business and a special event happening just in time for Valentine's Day. Also, if you pre-register for the event by calling Williams-Sonoma at 515-225-6613 we understand the first 25 people will receive a free VIP Bag. How neat is that?  Ready? Go right here to listen. 

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The Business News Headlines 7 January 2020

Welcome to the first full week of 2020 glad that you've come by. In the business news headlines for today:

  • A shocking number of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck;
  • Just who is paying for the Trump Tariff wars;
  • No plant based burgers for McDonalds;
  • Movie theaters still hurting even with great movies;
  • U-Haul says folks are moving...where?
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • What is the "secret" to a successful business...asked and answered.

In our continuing look at the most popular interviews of 2019 we bring back Abena Imhotep and "Doing Black Friday Every Friday". You can listen to that right here.

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The Business News 31 December 2019

Nope, we didn't take the day off nor did we go home early.  Crazy...right?  Here are the business news headlines for the final day of 2019 plus the top interviews of each month this past year. Enjoy!  

  • You won't believe how many job openings there are;
  • More Silicon Valley workers unionize;
  • Tax cuts and the's a joke;
  • Cable companies raising prices;
  • Robo-Calls and you;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Self control people...self control.

Those stories plus...come back and we'll share our top business interviews of 2019.  Feel free to click on whatever you wish to hear that conversation:

Our top conversation from December is this with U.S. Senate Candidate for Iowa Mike Franken

In November folks really connected with Improving Presentation Skills with Maureen Berger of Tero International.

Our big interview from October featured Stephanie Preusch about affordable housing in Des Moines;

September this piece about Iowa a Low Wage State took top honors;

In August our Small Business Spotlight on A New Look Windows & Exteriors took top honors;

July saw Four Questions for Andrew Yang as the big draw;

Our friend Carlos Alvarez shined in June with his Twelve Tips - Speak Your Way to Success;

The number one interview for May was Tom Hudson and Guns, Laws & Responsibility;

Brad Anderson and Iowa AARP - Flexing their Muscle took top honors for April;

In March we introduced you to Peter Stockdale from The Audible Farm Podcast a big winner;

This February interview about Black Businesses and Black Friday was a monster hit with Abena Imhotep;

We started 2019 off with this January conversation about Velocity Economics with Dr. Chris Draper.

Of course this is just a tiny fraction of the many, many interviews we conducted in 2019. What we found interesting is that not only are the topics wide and varied we also know that huge numbers were reached because our subjects employed successful social media techniques to drive traffic to their story. It's a lesson for everyone.

Thanks for being with us this past year. We look forward to another record 2020.

Michael, Chap, Aaron, Hunter & James - The Crew of Insight on Business the News Hour



The Business News 27 December 2019

Could you tell it was a Friday just before another holiday?  We could. Sorta quiet but lots and lots of people working social media.  Hey, it's...Friday.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Awash in profits big banks cutting employees;
  • Do you really want that Amazon fulfillment center in your town;
  • UPS says watch out for January 2nd;
  • Wages are up but...there is a but;
  • This fast food company beats everybody else and there is a reason.
  • Wall Street notched a mixed day but records we established.

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine is with us chatting it up about Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Listen to!

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The Business News 19 December 2019

Even with the impeachment vote in the U.S. House of Representatives business barely noticed. It's the business news headlines for Thursday the 19th of December, thanks for being here.  In the news:

  • Walmart and "high-end" booze;
  • New retirement plans on the horizon;
  • Oh oh...beef prices headed up;
  • Starbucks & Sick Leave;
  • Another Obamacare decision to impact 2020;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • $1.7 million in questionable payments...think Iowa;
  • Uber slapped with a $4.4 million fine.

Those stories plus a conversation about the restaurant business with Kathleen McGuire the wife and business partner of Chef Jacob Demars who has brought a new eatery to the Greater Des Moines Metro. R I Restaurant is in our Small Business Spotlight and you get to meet Kathleen here.

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R I Restaurant - A Small Business Spotlight

This week our Small Business Spotlight shines on the R I Restaurant an intimate and comfortable eatery that features the culinary artistry of Chef Jacob Demars. My guest is wife and business partner Kathleen McGuire who knows that not only good food but a superb experience is the key to success. We'll chat about how all of this came about, the business of owning a restaurant, marketing, the food and much more. Meet Kathleen...

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The Business News 18 December 2019

It's the Mid-Week Edition of the Business News Headlines, thanks for coming by. You want to reach us on Twitter you can do that @IOB_NewsHour. In the news today:

  • Retailers are getting ready for Super Saturday;
  • Amazon is updating their return policy;
  • Oh, the pain of the "sloping toilet";
  • Lots of job creation people and why;
  • Chances of being audited next year...are up;
  • The Wall Street Report in a word: "Sluggish";
  • Fast Food Workers get a gut punch.

Those stories plus a conversation with Brian Waller of the Technology Association of Iowa as we talk about that groups legislative priorities going into the 2020 legislative session. Technology is a big, very big, deal in Iowa and we'll talk about that here.

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The Business News Headlines 10 December 2019

The markets all struggled today to get above the flatline but why? We'll share that store and more today. Here's what's on tap:

  • Americans' waste over $1,600 a year;
  • Troubling housing news from Fanny & Freddy Mac;
  • Netflix "must reduce cost to remain competitive";
  • Ho, Ho, Horrible Tariffs and Holiday Shopping;
  • Amazon workers flexing their muscle;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Trends to watch for in 2020.

Those stories and Deb Brown from Save Your Town talks to us about rural issues that are not what are often being reported. Deb and her partner Becky McCray just released a study that tells us what folks in Rural America really want. One of those things is they want people to listen to....them.  You can hear 

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The Business News Headlines 27 November 2019

The day before Thanksgiving and a program note: Insight on Business the News Hour will, just like Wall Street, have the day off tomorrow. We wish for you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  In the news today:

  • Once the "Office Darling" Google is getting pushback by employees;
  • John Deere is worried about sinking sales;
  • Malls, The Cheesecake Factory and Promotions;
  • The U.S. economy grew more than expected;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street;
  • How to retain employees: Be flexible during the holidays.

Those stories plus a look at a piece we did last year on early onset dementia with Yogi Shah, M.D. Why? He is a memory expert and because many of you will be traveling to see family and friends the issue of dementia or memory loss may be something those close to you are worried about. Being armed with the information here may help you. 

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The Business News Headlines 25 November 2019

It was a big day on Wall Street as the Dow shot up by over 190 points to 28,066 and tech stocks saw the Nasdaq gain 112 to close at 8,632 the S&P 500 up by 23 points and change. Think...China.  In the news today:

  • Folks have a beef with beef and the industry is on alert;
  • The slow trucking industry means layoffs at Cummins;
  • Charles Schwab is in a buying mode;
  • U.S. jewelry company Tiffany...sold;
  • A glut of homes are coming on the market but...there is a but.

Those stories and Lauren Campbell is in our Small Business Spotlight as she highlights her working/meeting space called The Studio. It's a great place for small groups or business meetings and even a party. Plus she's got a Small Business Deal on the rental. Here is that conversation. 

Also today, Laura Kinnard is with us chatting it up about business events in the Des Moines Metro plus we'll offer some tips on how your small business can really shine this Saturday for Small Business Saturday. You can hear all of 

Thanks for coming by.