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The Business News Headlines 27 July 2020

Welcome back to a new business week! You're just a click away from the business news headlines that we've got for you including:

  • Big tech braces for a long, long recovery;
  • The 2020 U.S. fiscal cliff;
  • Heard about the Deliverator?
  • Tech, Earnings & Capital Hill;
  • Under Armor got a scare;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Gyms are headed...outside.

Those stories plus for the interview we've got the president of the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA), Mike Beranek as we talk about the issue on the minds of thousands of teachers, students, parents, grandparents and businesses about safely opening up for the 2020 school year. You can hear that 


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Talking Bankruptcy with Attorney Jeffery Goetz

It's one of those subjects that, due to the economic reality of the times, is top of mind among many corporations, small businesses and individuals. We're talking bankruptcy with Jeffery Goetz from the Branshaw Law Firm. What are the options? What should businesses be thinking about? Who should they reach out to? We'll also talk about two camps of businesses who now may be in trouble, student loan debt and the differences in the various forms of bankruptcy. Meet Jeff Goetz and here is a link directly to his information

The Business News Headlines 22 July 2020

Welcome to the Mid-Week edition of the business news headlines and we're all set with these stories today:

  • Markets move up think Pfizer;
  • Retail workers and an uncertain future;
  • Another automaker talking job cuts;
  • Millennials are killing off these businesses;
  • Existing home sales up in June;
  • Tesla is riding a big wave;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • COVID19 takes another industry down...

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The Business News Headlines 21 July 2020

Welcome back to the Business News Headlines, something that we create for you each day Monday - Friday. On tap today we've got these stories for you:

  • It was a bouncy day for the markets;
  • More retail stores to close;
  • But wait! Aldi to increase stores in the U.S.;
  • Looking for a gig? More jobs in Canada being posted;
  • A new food rewards program was launched today;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • A movie "blockbuster" gets...iced.

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The Business News Headlines 13 July 2020

It was a stunning reversal on Wall Street today. Blame COVID-19 and California.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • The markets did take a nose dive;
  • The coronavirus has changed much even your 2020 taxes;
  • Airlines to begin cutting workers;
  • JetBlue to keep middle seats empty;
  • U.S. retail sales are too in Mexico;
  • Storage at Amazon warehouses is an issue;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The odd story of Tic Toc and business.

Those stories PLUS an interesting look at the business of genealogy with professional genealogist Ricki King. For twenty years she has been searching for family members for her clients. You'll learn how she got started, what interesting stories she's found and more. Ricky King from Roots to Branches Genealogy is right here

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The Business News Headlines 9 July 2020

Can you believe it's already Thursday?  Here is what we've got for you today in the business news headlines:

  • Big means better when it comes to restaurants;
  • Starbucks says no face masks, no service;
  • Boeing and the Feds;
  • Jumbo loans at Wells Fargo;
  • Meanwhile Wells may cut thousands of jobs;
  • Reopening of schools the decisions are tough;
  • The Biden Economic Plan rolled out today;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • The Supreme Court decision today;
  • How much should you tip during the pandemic.

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The Business News Headlines 16 June 2020

You've been busy buying stuff...and we know what and where. It's the business news headlines for Tuesday and here's what we've got on tap for you today:

  • Retail Sales Numbers - A Deep Dive;
  • Restaurants are "running on fumes";
  • Working parents are struggling and what that could lead to;
  • Ever heard of Barbicide? You will today;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • A bunch of companies are giving June 19th as a day off...and why.

Those stories plus the story of moss, really. Our guest for the interview is Kasey Riley one half of the talented duo behind the Kansas City company known as The Fat Plant Society. You'll learn about the benefits of moss walls and why they are becoming popular among businesses seeking to hire millennials. To hear that just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 15 June 2020

Welcome to a brand new business week. Just yesterday we said be prepared for a volatile week on Wall Street and they did not disappoint.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • A stunning new announcement from the Fed;
  • U.S.homeowners may be getting additional help;
  • Millions of lost jobs may become permanent losses;
  • The "Back to Work" bonus is being worked on;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The Supreme Court and LGBTQ employees.

Those stories plus some tips on your virtual presence. With us for the interview is Liz Cooney from Tero International here to remind us that even in a virtual world you need to pay attention to you and your personal brand. That plus effective virtual meetings and how Tero International has re-invented itself to showcase their professional coaching  programs. To listen to Liz, click here. 

The Business News Headlines 8 June 2020

Today, on Wall Street, the S&P 500 shed all of its losses for this year. That story and more coming up on this edition of the business news headlines:

  • This chain wants 25,000 workers;
  • Some folks still waiting on stimulus checks and we'll share who;
  • The "missing link" to opening up the economy;
  • Very familiar things that man not survive, we've got a list;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Could be time to "pop the question". Think diamonds.

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The Business News Headlines 29 May 2020

Hard to believe that we're a day away from being in June!  Here's the business news headlines that we've got ready for you today.  Thanks for listening!

  • Six major brands filed for bankruptcy in May. We have a list;
  • Remember the Trump COVID19 postcard? Now we know the cost;
  • Jail for some small business owners;
  • Farmworkers and COVID10 it's another big story;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Big changes for your downtown office coming.

Thanks for coming by.  Have a great weekend and remember we're back on Sunday a Noon Central Time with the Business Week in Review on News/Talk 1540 KXEL. Between now and then, follow us on Twitter for news, interviews and business information, daily. We're @IoB_NewsHour.

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