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The Business News Headlines 20 January 2021

I've got to be honest with you the world of business paused a bit today as Joseph R. Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States and this historic swearing in of Vice President Kamala Harris.  However, the inauguration did impact business...let's go!

  • The stock market reacted to the inauguration;
  • How might the Biden Administration impact you;
  • Experts are projecting fewer COVID19 deaths;
  • Netflix vs. Disney+ think content;
  • The NRA and bankruptcy;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Messing around with the SAT.

Those stories plus a walk down radio memory lane with Jane E. Morgan who is, this year, celebrating her 40th year behind the microphone but, that's not all. She has also relaunched her voice-over business. Click here to learn more about her entrepreneurship. 


Radio and Voice Overs with Jane E. Morgan

This was one of those really fun business conversations. My guest is radio personality and voice-over artist Jane E. Morgan a person who still rocks the airwaves of 94.5 KKEZ based in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Jane E. will celebrate 40 years in broadcasting and has recently relaunched her voice-over business JEM Voice Productions. Walk with us a bit as we go down memory lane and then chat it up about her entrepreneurial spirit.

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The Business News Headlines 9 November 2020

There were times last week when we wondered if we'd make it to Monday...whew!  Today we've got these business news headlines and then a fun, but informative conversation with a new friend from Fort Worth, Texas.  But first:

  • Two things impacted the markets;
  • Why Uber shares were up so much;
  • Would you eat a....McPlant?
  • The news that rocked the world today;
  • Santa to take a hit this year;
  • Coca Cola continues to cull;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The disappearing MBA program.

Those stories PLUS you'll meet "recovering attorney" Malone Ranger who is now a noted public speaker and, get this, is the Mid-Day Air Personality on 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas.  Learn the "Business of Being Malone Ranger" by clicking through right here.  

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The Business of Being Malone Ranger

Over the years we've interviewed thousands of people. Each one that appears on our show has an interesting story and we learn so much. Today is no different. We had a blast connecting with Malone Ranger who, in her words, is a "recovering attorney" who is now a professional speaker and....and the Mid-Day talent at 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. We'll even visit about Chuko the "world's smartest horse". Have a listen and enjoy! 

The Business News Headlines 5 November 2020

Yes, we get're obsessed with waiting for election results but...there is other news going on and here is what we've got teed up for you today:

  • A reminder Wall Street is not the economy;
  • The Fed today said this about that;
  • Who is likely to own much of your radio station;
  • Poverty and kids in the U.S. some sobering stats;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Uber revenue declines  but not its stock;
  • Foreign students seeking an MBA bypass the U.S.

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The Business News Headlines 28 October 2020

We're getting to the end of October and for Wall Street it's been a spooky season. Here are the business news headlines for Wednesday the 28th of October:

  • Another sell-off on Wall Street and you know why;
  • Oil prices tumbled today and why;
  • The biggest financial fear for Americans is....
  • Food stockpiling and food manufacturing;
  • Technology and the U.S. Senate today;
  • Losing our appetite for chain restaurants;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Hey, Tic Tok is hiring!

Those storie plus we welcome back Austin, Texas singer/songwriter Roxi Copland to talk with us a bit about her business, COVID19, getting radio airplay, juggling business responsibilities and...Spotify. To hear that conversation and a snippet of her new song, click here.

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The Business of Being Roxi Copland

We've had the pleasure of knowing singer/song writer Roxi Copland for several years and followed her work from Iowa to Wisconsin and now Texas. She recently released a new song, "Daddy Don't Do Politics" (and you'll hear a snippet of it here) so we thought it would be a great time to catch up with her and her business. We talk about everything from the impact the pandemic has had on creative musicians to getting radio air-time to the struggles with streaming services like Spotify. And, if you want a peek at "Milwaukee Strong" here you go.  Welcome back Roxi Copland: 

The Business News Headlines 14 October 2020

Welcome back and thanks for clicking through for the business news headlines on this the 1th of October, 2020. Oh, and if you want to reach out on Twitter you can find us @IOB_NewsHour.  Here is what we've got cooked up for you today:

  • Nope on the hope of a stimulus before the election;
  • Mortgage rates fall again but...buyers are scarce;
  • If the election has you worried about the markets...
  • Pay equity and Princeton University;
  • Rents and cities like San Francisco;
  • Price fixing and...chickens;
  • What consumers are more worried about;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • And, yes, more Work from Home news.

Those stories and the amazing talent of Justin Jarrell who recently released his first album. You're going to learn the depth of his talent from writing to producing to video to goes on and on. But, he admits to one thing he can't do.  Yep, we're fans.  Meet Justin here.

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The Amazing Talent of Musician Justin Jarrell

Justin Jarrell recently launched his album that was two years in the making. While we don't often feature musicians on the Business News Hour...being one really is...a business. So we dug in a bit to learn more about Justin and...WOW! Boundless energy and so talented on so many levels. If it sounds like we're immediate fans...yep.  Meet Justin Jarrell, his music and his stunning ability to do everything thing that he admits to.

Stuff to DO with Cityview and Jeff Pitts 9 October 2020

By now you know what happens each Friday...some fun times with Jeff Pitts who is the managing editor for Cityview Magazine. Here we're talking about some cool stuff going down in the Metro this weekend into next week.  Stuff like:

  • Justin Jarrell at XKB Tonight!
  • Weekend Comedy at the Des Moines Playhouse;
  • What? A Victorian Funeral at Living History Farms;
  • Grandview has "Stripper";
  • Our friends at Sleepy Hollow gonna scare you;
  • Slaugherhouse ya know.
  • The DSM Public Library is OPEN!!
  • The Blank Park Zoo and Night Eyes...a bit different this year.

And, along the way we'll offer some commentary on stuff that may, or may not, have anything to do with what we're helping to promote.  It's what we do on Friday.

Thanks for listening! 

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