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Alejandro Orozco and the Latino Community Center - 31 January 2014

The Latino Forum of the Urban Core of the Capital Crossroads effort today signed an organizing document to oversee the governance of an Iowa Latino Community Center.  Alejandro Orozco, a board member, visited with us on our News-Maker Line:

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Insight on Business with Michael Libbie 8 November 2013

This is Insight on Business the News Hour for Friday, November 08, 2013.  My name is Michael Libbie and it’s my pleasure to be with you this hour bringing you the business news of the day, the stock market report the numbers from agriculture and some conversation with our two guests. We take out the news and bring you the interviews.

This half hour we welcome to the IoB Newsroom Darcy Maulsby.  We’ll be talking about the challenges rural communities face and how her marketing company attempts to bring the business of rural some help.  Darcy Maulsby this half hour.   

Next half hour we’ll be visiting with Lindsey Smith of Exhibit Smith.  What smith?  Exhibit Smith is a company that helps museums increase their value in the community and among it’s patrons.  Looking forward to learning more about Lindsey Smith’s business and how she markets herself.  

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