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The Business News Headlines 29 June 2020

On Wall Street it was a complete reversal to what we saw on Friday.  Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Business News Headlines.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Stunning News - Half of Americans Out of Work;
  • Next up...the Cash Cliff;
  • Cake news from Costco - No, there's a point;
  • The world without an office...but will it last;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The end of the Master Bedroom.

Those stories plus Kathleen Riessen a speaker, author and business coach joins me to talk about the important stuff every successful business person pays attention to. We'll talk about her book "Joy in Uncertainty" and more. To hear that conversation, click here.  

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The Business News Headlines 18 June2020

Can you believe it's already...Thursday?  Thanks for clicking through to the Business News Headlines here is what we've got cooked  up for you today:

  • Remember when it was "cool" to live downtown;
  • Skipping loan payments? You're not alone;
  • Dicks Sporting Goods doubling down on discounts;
  • Got the "Five Dollar Footlong" jingle in your brain? Us too...
  • Jobs and Wall Street we've got that report;
  • Starting a job during a pandemic offers some serious issues.

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The Business News Headlines 17 June 2020

Nothing lasts forever and so it was that we saw the markets tilt south today and we'll share that story and more on this the business news headlines for the 17th of June.  Coming up and just a click away:

  • Mortgage rates drop and the housing market booms;
  • Yet another COVID19 casualty and you'll never guess what;
  • We've grown up with "Aunt Jemima" but she is now...gone;
  • What shopping has been going on we've been tracking;
  • Target boosted its minimum wage and offers a bonus;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • When the rich stop buying it hurts low income folk the most.

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The Business News Headlines 16 June 2020

You've been busy buying stuff...and we know what and where. It's the business news headlines for Tuesday and here's what we've got on tap for you today:

  • Retail Sales Numbers - A Deep Dive;
  • Restaurants are "running on fumes";
  • Working parents are struggling and what that could lead to;
  • Ever heard of Barbicide? You will today;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • A bunch of companies are giving June 19th as a day off...and why.

Those stories plus the story of moss, really. Our guest for the interview is Kasey Riley one half of the talented duo behind the Kansas City company known as The Fat Plant Society. You'll learn about the benefits of moss walls and why they are becoming popular among businesses seeking to hire millennials. To hear that just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 12 June 2020

So much to keep track of...right?  Today the markets remained volatile, Starbucks reversed course and some stuff got cheaper last month.  It's the business news headlines, let's get to it:

  • Juneteenth is hot with businesses;
  • Starbucks reversed its decision on BLM;
  • Housing and interest rates;
  • Seafood and COVID19;
  • Some things have gotten cheaper...a list;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • And when 1.5 Americans being jobless is good news.

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The Business News Headlines 8 June 2020

Today, on Wall Street, the S&P 500 shed all of its losses for this year. That story and more coming up on this edition of the business news headlines:

  • This chain wants 25,000 workers;
  • Some folks still waiting on stimulus checks and we'll share who;
  • The "missing link" to opening up the economy;
  • Very familiar things that man not survive, we've got a list;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Could be time to "pop the question". Think diamonds.

Thanks for listening.  Remember you can follow us all day, every day, on Twitter @IoB_NewsHour thanks again for coming by!


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The Business News Headlines 22 May 2020

Well, that week went fast. A reminder that we're on again this Sunday at Noon on News/Talk 1540 KXEL with Insight on Business the News Hour Week in Review.  But, for today, this is what we've got for you:

  • Cash - The New Typhoid Mary;
  • Cash handouts to could happen;
  • The "other farmers" who are struggling;
  • China plays today in two stories;
  • The Wall Street Report

That's a wrap for this week.  Thanks for listening!

The Business News Headlines 20 May 2020

Midweek and it feels like a roller coaster on Wall Street.  Welcome to this edition of the business news headlines. Give us ten minutes and you'll get the top business news stories of the day:

  • Billions of dollars and banks are...worried;
  • Trouble at McDonald's;
  • We've got buyers but no inventory;
  • Stimulus dollars and prepaid debit cards;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Facebook gets into online shopping.

Those stories PLUS a fun conversation with professional voice artist Sharon Feingold. How she got into the business, who she does work for and much more in this interview that talks about the business of being a voice professional.  Click here to listen. 

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The Business News Headlines 14 May 2020

We're back at it and welcome to Thursday!  Here are the business news stories we've got lined up for you today:

  • Wall Street rebounded and pushed aside the lousy jobs report;
  • FedEx to slow delivery times;
  • What you're buying online...yep, we've got a list;
  • Luxury items coming back it's called "Revenge Shopping";
  • Speaking of luxury...what about...meat;
  • A firm want to buy up...malls.  No, really;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • What if "Work from Home" is a real trend...

Thanks for listening...see it didn't take that much time!

The Business News Headlines 7 May 2020

Welcome back to the Business News Headlines for Thursday the 7th of May. Here's what we've go on tap for you today:

  • Caution to the wind or are investors just pumped;
  • On the retail front another department store files Chapter 11;
  • Meanwhile an Iowa based department chain will open tomorrow;
  • Malls are opening up but they are not being met by...shoppers;
  • Canned food is a big business so to is making the cans;
  • Pizza seems to be a hit during the pandemic;
  • We've got the Wall Street Report
  • And, WHAT? No more "free lunch" in Silicon Valley?

Those stories and an impactful conversation with Constitutional Law Professor George Isaacson who is also the Senior Partner for the law firm Brann & Isaacson for another conversation about online sales and sales tax. With over 12,000 tax bodies in the United States it's increasingly difficult to manage and collect taxes. However, there is a solution.  We open up by talking about the Constitution and trade. To hear that conversation just click here.

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