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The Business News & More 3 October 2019

October 3, 2019

Even with continuing headwinds Wall Street was able to pull off a win today. Welcome to the Business News Headlines for Thursday the 3rd of October. On tap today:

  • The Jobs Report is due tomorrow morning and it's important;
  • President Trump signs an executive order about Medicare;
  • The housing sector seems to be booming;
  • Young people are leaving glitzy cities for lower cost communities;
  • Unions, Nurses and Wages it seems to be a trend;
  • Tesla disappoints and its stock suffers.

Those stories and for the interview I'll visit with Natalie Veldhouse a research associate from the Iowa Policy Project about the little known reality that Iowa is such a low wage state, why it matters and what forces are at work to keep it that way. That stunning conversation is right here.

Thanks for listening!