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The Business News & More 29 October 2019

October 29, 2019

Investors are looking at a couple of things: Earnings and the expected rate cut by the Fed. But...and you knew that was coming...if the Fed does cut rates and their is an economic downturn...what then? In the business news headlines today:

  • Wall Street and the Flatline;
  • Did something fishy happen with that government deal;
  • Happy Birthday to YOU...Internet;
  • Lyft Pink is seeing green;
  • Uber and a new business plan;
  • Grubhub...more trouble;
  • Online videos are crushing television. Hello TV executives.

Those stories plus a conversation with Stephanie Preusch who is the Executive Director for the Neighborhood Finance Corporation. Now, while that sounds like a fancy name they are anything but. Think of low cost entry into homeownership PLUS funds to fix up a home. The surprising world of housing options with this non-profit organization. Listen here. 

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