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The Business News Headlines & More 5 September 2019

September 5, 2019

Early this morning the futures indicated the markets would open much higher and they did with the Dow rising well above 400 points and the markets stayed that way.  In the business news headlines today:

  • What happened on Wall Street & why;
  • Just what you need...a Facebook dating service;
  • Guns, Walmart & Stocks;
  • Air Travel and the 737 Max;
  • Why Apple is borrowing $7 billion;
  • The MOST demanding job...ever?

Those stories and more along with our guest chef and author Terrie Kohl. Here she talks about why she loves being the personal chef for hundreds of people, what cooking means, the new trends and we'll also talk about her new book, "Bringing Friends & Family Back Around the Table". Terrie Kohl in our Small Business Spotlight and thank you to The Coffeesmiths of Waukee, Iowa for letting us set up our studio at their location. To hear our conversation click here