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The Business News Headlines & More 4 June 2020

June 4, 2020

Early this morning, long before the markets opened, there was some hope for another strong day on Wall Street. That was not to be.  Thanks for clicking through here's what we've got for you today along with a piece about lasting friendship and some good people asking for some help.

  • Banks to businesses, "Get cash now!";
  • Unemployment numbers are in...or are they?;
  • Airline stocks improving;
  • News news from Delta Airlines;
  • Congress is in a pickle...again;
  • The Wall Street Report;

Those stories plus this about a lifelong friendship and how that translates into finding a way for you to be part of something much bigger then you can imagine.  My guest is Doug Burns from the Carroll Times Herald and it's quite the story.  To listen, click here.

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