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The Business News Headlines & More 24 September 2019

September 24, 2019

If it's not China it's consumers, if it's not consumers it's impeachment. The markets whipsawed today by worries that President Trump may not survive a congressional inquiry. The Dow lost 142 points to 26,807 the Nasdaq was off by 118 points and the S&P 500 down by 25 points. Wall Street had issues today.  Also in the news:

  • Consumers are not as jolly about the economy;
  • The thing you don't know about is called the REPO Market;
  • The new "Wealth Tax" from Sen. Bernie Sanders;
  • Big Pharma fights against lower prices;
  • A beer IPO may be a really, really big deal.

Those stories and our guest for The Interview is Matt Kiernan from CLE Productions. We'll talk about the magic they make for events plus you'll be invited to a CLE Production Talks featuring international planned events thought leader Professor Joe Goldblatt. You can listen in to all of that here