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The Business News Headlines and More 17 June 2019

June 17, 2019

Thanks for coming by! The business news headlines we've got for you cross many different areas and each touches you.  Let's go!

  • No Fee Banking (like really...none) announced;
  • The ban on China and tech giant is a $30 billion hit;
  • Retail pushes back on the Trump trade war;
  • Heard about "hot-desking"? You will today;
  • This could be a major reason health care costs are so high;
  • Early trouble spots in the housing sector
  • Pfizer spending billions for another drug company.

Those stories and more along with Laura Kinnard from talking about networking and business events in the DSMUSA Metro but not until we've chatted about the"Mystery of Social Media". No, really...we've been doing this for a decade and still businesses are struggling. Here is that conversation

Thanks for coming by!