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The Business News Headlines 8 January 2019

January 8, 2019

It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 8th of January, thanks so much for coming by. Just a click away you'll learn more about....

  • Three days in a row? Are we catching a trend with the Dow?
  • Apple is trying to woo customers with an attractive trade in program;
  • Sears catches a break from the judge;
  • Meanwhile nearly 68,000 Sears employees are looking for some protection;
  • Day 18 of the Government Shutdown a look at the SBA and the IRS;
  • Wall Street had a good day and we'll give you the details in our Wall Street Report.

Those stories plus a conversation with Georgia Van Gundy the Executive Director of the Iowa Business Council. The IBC is made up of the largest employers in the state. So, what's on their minds as we enter into a new year?  We've got that answer plus a bunch more. Georgia Van Gundy for The Interview. To hear that conversation click here

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