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Business News & Bruce Tretter from Breitz! 7 September 2021

September 7, 2021

Feels like a Monday for many of us...right? Welcome to the business news headlines for Tuesday the 7th of September. Our host, Michael Libbie, has the day off so we're trying something a bit different. Rather than voicing the stories we're delivering the top business news in written form. Michael will be back tomorrow. And, make sure you listen in to our business interview featuring Bruce Tretter from Breitz active wear that let's you be seen.  Here's what we have for you:

The Housing Market - When the pandemic was in full swing more than 7 million homeowners were in a program of forbearance which allowed them to pause their mortgage payments. That number is now down to 1.7 million borrowers. Fortune in reporting that  The Biden-Harris administration has made it clear there are no plans for an extension which is set to lapse on 30 September.  Borrowers won’t all get removed at once, instead they’ll be phased out over a period of several months. We've reported in the past how the lack of homes for sale has impacted pricing. Should even one-half of borrowers decide to sell, rather than catch up on their payments that would mean hundreds of thousands of homes would be on the market and that could drop prices. Stay tuned.

Americans & Canada - Crossing data shows that travel to Canada by American businesses and tourists has dropped. The reason? Stiff restrictions for entry into Canada. Business Insider is reporting that Vaccinated American citizens looking to travel north need a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than 72 hours from a flight's scheduled departure or arrival at a land border crossing. Travelers that have recently recovered from COVID-19 can show a positive test from between 14 and 180 days prior to entry.  And before arriving in Canada - whether by air, land, or sea - travelers must have completed an online form called "ArriveCan." Its requirements include providing an address in Canada at which visitors could quarantine should they test positive and providing the exact dates of a traveler's vaccination. So, yes, visits north have dropped.

But, It's Good for Business -  Mike Lindell the "My Pillow Guy" who is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems says telling lies about the 2020 election and that President Trump really won but Dominion switched votes is, wait for it, good for business. Salon is reporting that he said business is so good he has had to hire 200 more workers.  So, it's a jobs program?

Wall Street - The day after Labor Day was not a good day for the markets. The Dow tanked by 269 points to settle at 35,100 while the S&P 500 lost 15 points ending the trade at 4,520. The Nasdaq outperformed picking up 10 points (and change) to finish at 15,374 which is a new record close.  The weak jobs report and fears of rising COVID cases kept Wall Street in check.

Open Houses - They were once the prime way to get people into houses for sale...and nosey neighbors could also come by for a peek. But COVID has changed that age-old way of putting buyers and sellers together. Realtors are now turning to high-tech ways to show off homes from virtual tours  to live video tours where potential buyers can communicate directly with the realtor. 

$100,000 Sign On Bonuses - Not long ago we shared the story about some trucking firms giving out $50,000 sign on bonuses. That was so...yesterday. Market Watch is reporting that according to research firm Global Data Sign-on bonus have increased across all sectors by 454%, rising to 57,123 advertised positions in August 2021 from 10,312 in August 2020.  Data says the health-care field has the most expensive bonus offers. An advertisement for a “physician of neurology multiple sclerosis” and also for a “general dentist” last month both had a sign-on bonus of up to $100,000. 

Returning to the Office - How about next year? Uber is the latest company to push back office time.  The New York Times is reporting more firms are pushing their returns out as far as next September in efforts to keep employees safe and mitigate whiplash from anticipated return dates and further delays. But that’s not stopping everyone — Wall Street is still  "limping ahead  with plans to bring back more bank employees this week.

For the Interview - Here you'll meet entrepreneur Bruce Tretter who several years ago started "Gotta Eat, Can't Cook". It was all about simple ways to make food and he did it with books and video.  Fast forward several years and he has recently launched Breitz a company that produces high quality cycling and running gear.  He has married social distancing with colorful bright gear...pushing a "six foot" distance to keep runners and cyclists safe.  Here he visits with Michael at an event earlier in the week.  You should know that while Michael and Bruce have been friends for well over a decade this is a first time...face to face meeting.  Enjoy.

Thanks for reading and for listening! Michael will be back in studio tomorrow.  Have a great evening!