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The Business News Headlines 7 May 2020

May 7, 2020

Welcome back to the Business News Headlines for Thursday the 7th of May. Here's what we've go on tap for you today:

  • Caution to the wind or are investors just pumped;
  • On the retail front another department store files Chapter 11;
  • Meanwhile an Iowa based department chain will open tomorrow;
  • Malls are opening up but they are not being met by...shoppers;
  • Canned food is a big business so to is making the cans;
  • Pizza seems to be a hit during the pandemic;
  • We've got the Wall Street Report
  • And, WHAT? No more "free lunch" in Silicon Valley?

Those stories and an impactful conversation with Constitutional Law Professor George Isaacson who is also the Senior Partner for the law firm Brann & Isaacson for another conversation about online sales and sales tax. With over 12,000 tax bodies in the United States it's increasingly difficult to manage and collect taxes. However, there is a solution.  We open up by talking about the Constitution and trade. To hear that conversation just click here.

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