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The Business News Headlines 7 January 2019

January 7, 2019

Always great to have you with us!  Thanks for clicking through. Today on the Business News Hour we've got these stories waiting for you:

  • OK, we'll call it a rocky day on Wall Street;
  • The future grocery store is nothing like you;
  • Can it be? Pacific Gas & Electric facing bankruptcy?
  • Trouble in Detroit and it comes from Canada;
  • You know it by their logo already so this major company is dropping their name;
  • What happened on Wall Street & why.

Those stories and first up a conversation with Alicia Jaime who moved to Iowa from Argentina and founded the very successful IVS a vet supply business. We think you'll enjoy this...a bunch. To hear that interview click here.

Also today Laura Kinnard from is in to talk about networking and education opportunities in the Metro. To hear us talking about that and Molly's Cupcake click here

Thanks for listening!