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The Business News Headlines 6 December 2018

December 6, 2018

It's the Business News Hour and what a day today on Wall Street. The Dow opened 400+ points lower and then continued downhill until...and as if by magic the Fed made an announcement. Here are the stories we've gathered for you today:

  • The Fed and a policy shift;
  • The arrest of a Chinese national set folks off today. We've got the story;
  • A new assembly line is headed to Detroit the first in a decade;
  • Eddie Lambert really, really wants Sears;
  • You know the trillions of dollars supposed to come back to the U.S.? Uhm...;
  • We'll detail what happened today on Wall Street.

Those stories plus a walk through of the new MedPharm Iowa medical cannabis dispensary that opened last weekend. MedPharm Iowa grows the product, creates the items and now dispenses it in two Iowa locations one in Sioux City and the other in the Des Moines Metro. We'll take you on a tour with our friend Stephen Wilson. Click on his name to listen in.

Thanks for listening!