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The Business News Headlines - 5 October 2018

October 5, 2018

It's Friday...only two more working days until Monday...right? Click through to these interesting business news stories from today and some great conversation in our interview portions:

  • Farmers, Trump, Tariffs - A Bitter Harvest;
  • The Jobs Report - Winners and Losers;
  • The Trade Gap - Opps;
  • Another retail giant files for Chapter 11;
  • What happened on Wall Street and's not a good day.

Those stories and we'll hear from a remarkable young woman, Nicole Zeien-Cox who is on the board of The Guardian Scholars Foundation but, in her own right, has an amazing story. You've got to listen.

Then we take the lid off the Fun Machine as we check out Stuff to DO in the Metro this weekend and into next week with Parker Reed and Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine.

Thanks for coming by!