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The Business News Headlines 4 January 2019

January 4, 2019

The Labor Department report today busted loose Wall Street...oh, and there was that Fed statement that kicked stuff into high gear. It's the Business News Hour Headlines for our first Friday of 2019. A click away you'll find:

  • Saks is closing a store in Manhattan..we thought you should know;
  • A billion dollar lawsuit gets the green light and what it's about will shock you;
  • 800,000 federal workers are not getting paid but some in the White House may get a raise;
  • Marriott says the hack was not as bad as first reported but, it's still big;
  • Leaders in the German government got hacked;
  • Get your wallet open...cable prices are going up, again.
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories PLUS we've got Jeff Pitts back from Cityview Magazine with Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week. And to prove to you that we fail to take ourselves too seriously we even left in the bloopers at the end.  Enjoy! To hear all of that just click here

Thanks for listening!