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The Business News Headlines 4 December 2018

December 4, 2018

It was a shocking day on Wall Street as the Dow tanked by nearly 800 points. What's going on?  We've got that story along with some others that will have an impact on business:

  • The ingredients are all here for a slowdown;
  • Over 500 people lost their home due to a Wells Fargo...glitch;
  • Thompson Reuters to cut up to 3,200 jobs;
  • Big business is about to enter the pot market. So long Mom & Pop growers;
  • China says they will curb the export of Fentanyl but a U.S. company has their own trouble;
  • Slow economic growth is happening all across the globe. Why Trade wars;
  • What happened today and why on Wall Street

Those stories PLUS a Marketing Tip for small to mid-size businesses. I call this "The Wrong Messenger". That's all just a click away...

Thanks for listening!