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The Business News Headlines 4 April 2019

April 4, 2019

We're in New York for the New York Press Association Spring Convention...but, we're still workin'.  Today:

  • Wall Street stutters as we wait for a U.S./China trade deal;
  • The Bezos divorce is done..who got..what...we'll tell;
  • The median price of a U.S. home hit a record today;
  • Tesla stock tanked;
  • Motel 6 settled a lawsuit and at it's core was immigration;
  • Target employees to get a raise;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and our guest for The Interview is Paul Allen. Paul was one of the original founders of and now is the founder of something called We'll be talking about strengths...did you know there are 34 of them? How knowing what your strengths are or better yet the strengths of your fellow workers or employees can give you a leg up in business. Strap in it's a great conversation. You can hear that here!

Thanks for listening!