Insight On Business the News Hour

The Business News Headlines 3 May 2019

May 3, 2019's Friday so only TWO more working days until Monday...right?  It's the Business News Hour for the 3rd day of May...thanks for coming by. Today:

  • All the boo-hah over the jobs report hides an issue;
  • The markets had a great day;
  • Let's talk wages;
  • Burger King and Mental Health;
  • Jeff Bezos about to make Mo Money from...
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories PLUS, because it is FRIDAY, we've got Jeff Pitts the Managing Editor of Cityview Magazine with us to chat it up about"Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro" this weekend into next week. We've got music, sports, food, fun and silliness just a click away. Here is that link. 

Thanks for coming by!