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The Business News Headlines 3 February 2020

February 3, 2020

It's Caucus Day in Iowa and that leads off our news segment.  Plus we've got more to share with you like:

  • Mall owners desperate and what some are doing;
  • The coronavirus and business;
  • The Mr. Peanut saga...again;
  • Ford Finance a profit center;
  • The Wall Street Report.

Plus: Taxation without Representation where over 700,000 Americans have no voice in Congress. With me, on a return visit to Iowa is "Shadow" Senator Paul Strauss who breaks down what many people say is an injustice. He's in Iowa during the caucus period to promote Statehood for D.C. with Iowan's for D.C. Statehood. Here is that conversation. 

Also: Each Monday, even on Caucus Day, I sit down with Laura Kinnard of DMBizMixer to chat it up about business events going on in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Today she's got quite a list from the caucus to some social activities to the upcoming AMA Iowa Experience. Listen here.