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The Business News Headlines 28 March 2022

March 28, 2022

It took all day for the Dow to turn the corner but in the end the index advanced. Welcome to the Monday Edition of the business news headlines and click ahead for a brief interview with organizers of a march for peace in Ukraine. It's a very diverse and surprising group. But first the news:

  • Home Depot too "Woke"?
  • Threats of a boycott but their stock was up on the day;
  • Pro-union baristas at Starbucks being forced out?
  • Something soon to disappear from Walmart;
  • Foreclosure rates climb;
  • We've got the top five states dealing with foreclosures;
  • Wells Fargo, paying your rent and getting points;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • No Return to the Office for this company...ever.

Click ahead for this conversation about why such a diverse group of people launched a march for peace. What is the connection between Liberia and Ukraine?  To listen just click here.

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