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The Business News Headlines 25 October 2018

October 25, 2018

We've got the business news headlines on your time. Rather than have to sit next to the radio our daily podcast brings you the business news and the interviews that you need to know...when you want it. Today we're checking out these stories for you:

  • It was a party on Wall Street...but what happened yesterday?
  • Ford Motor Company has been in trouble but could they turn it around?
  • Southwest Airlines says fuel costs are going up and investors don't like the sound of that;
  • So, now another tax cut from President Trump and it has the GOP scrambling;
  • The drug crisis in this nation is real. Last year it cost the lives of 70,000 people and there is more;
  • Bikes and package delivery...UPS is going back to its roots in its home town.

Those stories and in for The Interview is Christina Moffatt from the Greater Des Moines Partnership. Coming up in early November the Partnership and their partners are putting on another Small Business Success Summit. What can you expect to learn and what are the programs that will offer you some take-a-ways for your small business? We'll share all right here.

Thanks for listening!