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The Business News Headlines 25 February 2020

February 25, 2020

It was another lousy day on Wall Street as investors were spooked earlier in the day. The Dow has lost nearly 2,000 points in two days. In the business news headlines from today:

  • The past two days have some uttering the "R Word";
  • The White House says now is the time to buy stocks;
  • Chinatowns around the world are empty;
  • You think you have choice at the store? Not so fast;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The HOT job market cities are....

Those stories plus the very personal story of Robert "Lewy" Lewis. We're talking about a painful disability, the recognition that means so much to him and many other disabled owners and how medical cannabis gives him relief that allows him to continue working. Meet my friend "Lewy" from Quester and learn more about Disability Owned Business Enterprise. To hear that conversation, click here.