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The Business News Headlines 25 April 2019

April 25, 2019

Thank you for coming by again today...we've got plenty to unpack on this edition of the Business News Hour starting out with:

  • Vacation Plans? Many Americans are skipping it this year;
  • 3M played a major role in what happened to the Dow;
  • GM is (sort of) adding 400 jobs;
  • The "Store of the Future" lasted six months;
  • Amazon reported earnings today after the bell;
  • So too did Starbucks;
  • The big next job isn't "plastics" but in another hot job market;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Then we get to go Out to Lunch with Ro Crosbie the founder, President and CEO of Tero International. But, before we order lunch we've got to do Quick Bites, three questions we ask each of our Out to Lunch guests. Listen here

We wrap up the day talking business over lunch with Ro and you get to listen in. We're at the Range Grill + Golf for some great business stories, a peek at the future of Tero International and a couple of laughs. Click through and go Out to Lunch with can hear that segment here. 

Thanks for coming by.