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The Business News Headlines 24 January 2019

January 24, 2019

It's the Thursday Edition of the Business News Headlines and have we got some stories for you today. Just a click away you'll learn about:

  • The thirty-second ad that will NOT run during the Super Bowl;
  • Billionaire investor and U.S. Secretary of Commerce tells federal workers to, "get a loan";
  • The partial federal shutdown goes into it's 35 day tomorrow both senate bills failed today;
  • Walmart wants to hire 900 truck drivers and pay them a bundle to drive;
  • Airlines pilots, flight attendants are all concerned about the shutdown and safety;
  • Did Sears CEO Eddie Lambert "steal" Sears?
  • The markets ended mixed today and we'll have those numbers.

Those stories and our interview is with author Louise Gately who recently finished an historical account of an early Iowa resident, James Jordan who was involved in getting the state capital moved, being part of the Underground Railroad and building a financial empire. "Pursuit of a Dream - James Jordan His Life and His Legacy" is a great book for folks who love deep looks at history. Click here to listen in