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The Business News Headlines 24 February 2021

February 24, 2021

Welcome back! Today, in under 10 minutes we'll deliver up the biggest business news stories of the day. And then, for the interview Liz Cooney from Tero International will tell the story about how that company had to change everything to meet the demands of their clients.  But, first the news:

  • Mortgage rules may change because of the risk;
  • The reversal of the Dow today and why;
  • What Fed Chair Powell said that eased fears;
  • Home mortgage rates are headed up and why;
  • Say goodbye to cheap fuel prices;
  • What? GameStop...again?
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The "Chicken Wars"....yeah, it's a story.

For the interview you'll hear from Liz Cooney the Director of Training at Tero International about the efforts and changes that company went through over the past year to meet the demands of their clients. PLUS a disturbing study about CEO "confidence". To listen to that conversation click here. 

Thanks for coming by!