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The Business News Headlines 24 December 2019

December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve and yep, we're working the business news stories of the day. A programming note we'll be absent tomorrow (markets are closed) however if you watch our Twitter Stream @IOB_NewsHour you'll get to hear some of our most requested interviews of the past year.  On tap for today:

  • Why do retail stores play music and who picks it out?
  • Boeing employees may have had worries about the Max 737;
  • Stocks closed mixed today;
  • A Nike shoe sells out, in North America, in two hours.

Those stories plus a conversation with Dr. Dan McGehee from the Public Policy Center of the University of Iowa. He oversees safety and vehicles. We'll be talking about automatic functions that are here and some that are coming and the difference between "automatic" and "autonomous".  Click here to listen! 

Thanks for coming by!