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The Business News Headlines 24 December 2018

December 24, 2018

Sure we're here...welcome to the Christmas Eve Edition of the Business News Hour where we've tracked several important business news stories for you:

  • One word might describe what is going on in the U.S. today and that words is...
  • We're in a Bear what does that mean? We' share;
  • Nike shares drop and we'll tell why;
  • We bet you have never heard of RIP Medical Debt. You will today;
  • The top Google searches for 2018 are out;
  • Older workers are looking for work and could be your answer to finding folks;
  • Of course we'll look at the numbers from Wall Street.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from Drake University and joins us to chat about two or three business networking/education events and then we launch into news about her startup Curated Growth a company that seeks to repurpose the ailing Southridge Mall. To listen to that conversation click here

Thanks for listening!