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The Business News Headlines 24 August 2018

August 24, 2018

Thanks for clicking through for Insight on Business News and Commentary. So much to share with you today:

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders shocks Walmart, Amazon and others;
  • L.L. Bean doing a good thing by putting their money "out there";
  • The most stressed out people live in California but the rest of us are not far behind;
  • The State of Iowa hands out a 7.5% not to people but for profit corporations;
  • The Markets shrugged off troubles and climbed.

Those stories and we'll head to Vino 209 which is playing our host for the next month as we take thought leaders "Out to Lunch". You can also click into Friday Fun with Jeff, Parker and Michael as they talk about "Stuff to DO in the Metro"


It's all part of Friday!