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The Business News Headlines 24 April 2019

April 24, 2019

What goes up, must come down.... It's the Business News Hour and some of the stories you'll find on todays newscast include:

  • Why stocks struggled;
  • Detroit may have their timing wrong...again;
  • Bayer, Roundup and Cancer;
  • Price hikes in the future? Big company say yes;
  • Boeing and Earnings - One word "Ouch";
  • The Alexa team may be able to find your address;
  • What happened and why with the markets.

Also today Mary Bontrager the Executive Vice President for Talent Development of the Greater Des Moines Partnership sits down with me to highlight and go more into depth about some job numbers she shared just last month. Bottom line is that we don't have the people to fill thousands and thousands of Midwestern jobs and that leads us down to road to talk about re-education, housing, immigration and more. So, not only the problems but, some solutions. Listen here

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