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The Business News Headlines 20 March 2020

March 20, 2020

From the business side this is a week to put in the rear-view mirror. Today here's what we've got for you for the Friday Edition:

  • It started out well but ended poorly;
  • Food and Food Workers - A sobering consideration;
  • Kraft Heinz working overtime;
  • Target boosts pay and benefits;
  • Peloton cancels deliveries;
  • Jobless numbers could be dreadful;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • GameStop...Essential?

Those stories plus a conversation about connecting with people and how important that is today...perhaps...more than ever. My guest is Ginger Johnson who is a professional connector. We'll talk about the importance of connecting, how to better connect with others and why all of that matters.  To hear that conversation click here.

Thanks for listening.