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The Business News Headlines 18 January 2021

January 18, 2021

It is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States and for that reason government offices, banks and Wall Street were closed today. So, all day we've been sharing some great interviews from the past five months.  But, there is business news and here is what we've got:

  • The #1 job in the U.S. that pays over $100K is...
  • Ford is shutting down yet another plant;
  • The $ you save by NOT going to the Super Bowl;
  • Markets in Europe give Stellantis a boost;
  • Tesla delivering cars in China;
  • Child care costs going way up;
  • Peloton brand problems open the way for competition.

Also today and for the interview:  You no doubt have had some tough decisions to make. Be they personal or professional they have a way of bogging you down. What if you had a tool you could use to help you make a solid decision based on fact?  Click ahead for my conversation with Deborah Rinner from Tero International. It's really a valuable gift for the new year. To listen, click here! 

Thanks for listening.