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The Business News Headlines 18 February 2021

February 18, 2021

We're continuing our work during National Entrepreneurship Week with our guest and entrepreneur Desmund Adams of Focus and Find.  But, before we get to that conversation that is loaded with solid information and advice here are the news stories we've got for you:

  • Walmart and stimulus dollars. He said..what?
  • They are not interested in doing $15 an hour;
  • New first time unemployment numbers spell trouble;
  • "We need chips!" But, hold the salsa;
  • Tesla cuts and raises vehicle prices and why;
  • Congress today heard about GameStop;
  • Texas is...a mess and the impact on you;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • What is "sheltering in job"?  We'll share.

Those stories plus my conversation with the founder of Focus and Find, Desmund Adams. Learn what drives this entrepreneur, what his firm means to business leaders who are willing to invest in higher productivity and profits simply by creating a more diverse workforce. You'll learn about decisions, passion and even some solid advice for other entrepreneurs.  To listen this link.