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The Business News Headlines 18 December 2018

December 18, 2018

It was yet another wild day on Wall Street and we'll have the details for you in this business news headlines review. In other business news today:

  • Toys R Us may be gone from the U.S. but thriving in another nation;
  • Jeff Bezos and money;
  • More job cuts from General Motors;
  • Twitter not a place for...women;
  • FedEx says the slowing economy is hurting their future;
  • The rural town of Slater, Iowa and cutting edge water technology;
  • What happened today in the markets and why.

Also today we'll lead off with Brad Anderson the State Director of AARP-Iowa as he talks about a March vote on something called the Local Option Sales and Service Tax. Is it something that older members in Polk County, Iowa will support...and why should they. To listen to that conversation click here.  

Then we'll spend some time with Anthony Carroll the Legislative Director for AARP-Iowa and talk about a measure the organization is pushing in the upcoming session of the Iowa Legislature. It's called the Iowa Care Act and we'll spend some time talking about the effort which will touch every family in the state. To hear that interview click here

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