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The Business News Headlines 17 September 2019

September 17, 2019

Nearly as fast as oil prices went up yesterday they headed back down today.  But, all of that didn't much help Wall Street as investors wonder what's next when it comes to the Fed.  Here for you today we're looking at these stories:

  • Oil, Gas and Consumers;
  • GM hits back at the UAW;
  • She is paid $22 million and why;
  • The strike and the local economy;
  • Fed and Rates;
  • Your job will be...mostly gone says Brian Solis.

Those stories and more along with Marketing for Business with Phil K. James of Good Milkshake Digital. We're talking about how to get your existing customers to buy more of what they want from you...and it works across nearly every vertical. Restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, coffee shops even lawyers. Here is that conversation. 

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