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The Business News Headlines 17 March 2022

March 17, 2022

The economic data and the jobs data today were surprising even in light of what is going on in Ukraine and with oil. Also, stick around because for the interview you're going to learn about the amazing story of Kemin Industries that has grown from a very modest start up to a family owned multi-national. There is so much to unpack and we've done that.  Meanwhile in the news:

  • Unemployment rolls are the smallest in 52 years;
  • Several other economic data points moved the markets;
  • Oil prices climbed above $100 a barrel again;
  • The sad Russian Oligarch who doesn't know how to live;
  • Texas Republicans are mad at Citigroup and why;
  • Amazon now owns a fabled movie studio;
  • And, the company may have to re-hire a fired worker;
  • Starbucks to phase out paper cups;
  • The Minnesota governor wants to give back tax money;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • And, we know what you're really doing on Tuesday at work.

Those stories and a conversation with global communications director Lauren Burt about Kemin Industries. Over the past sixty-one years this company has grown from very humble beginnings (like in the living room of a modest home) to a multi-national corporation that is still family owned but responsible for global food supplies. You can hear that amazing

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