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The Business News Headlines 12 May 2020

May 12, 2020

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an important measure of the nation's economy. Those numbers came out today and it gives one...pause.  Here are the business news headlines from today:

  • You're not spending and nobody can blame you;
  • The restaurant business may change...forever;
  • Walmart to give employees more money;
  • Renters, Landlords and Wall Street;
  • Movies and Films - How theaters might lure you back;
  • The Wall Street report
  • Elon Musk says, "Arrest me!"

Those stories and a Partly Personal Piece. I had to test out some new equipment for an upcoming interview and who better to use as our "test dummies" than family.  A brief conversation about how a Mother and Daughter are dealing with, what has been called, the "new normal".  You can hear that right here.

Thanks for listening.