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The Business News Headlines 11 December 2019

December 11, 2019

The Business News Headlines for Wednesday the 11th of December, and thanks for coming by. Today we've got:

  • Apple WAS the world's largest public company but, no more;
  • Home Depot and...Opioids?
  • The Cocaine Santa Controversy;
  • Pay Up - Prices are headed up on...;
  • The Time Person of the Year;
  • The Word of the Year.

Those stories plus constitutional law professor and partner in the firm Brann & Isaacson of Lewiston, Maine, George Isaacson joins me to talk about online sales tax and how it impacts sellers, different product, the more than 11,000 tax jurisdictions and the risk sellers have in getting any of this...wrong. To hear that conversation, click here. 

Thanks for listening!