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The Business News Headlines 10 July 2019

July 10, 2019

And we're off! Early this morning, on the hope of a Fed rate cut, the Dow jumped by well over 100 points. By mid-day investors continued to be hopeful. Catch regular updates on the market condition on our Twitter Feed @IOB_NewsHour. In other news today:

  • The NRA isn't "cooking" their books but...
  • Health Care and Technology;
  • Netflix under siege;
  • China - Manufacturing - Trade it's all back;
  • President Trump and his Social Media Summit;
  • American Airlines is having a lousy summer;
  • The Epi-Pen shortage and

Those stories and more along with some tax talk from our CPA friend Bruce Schmiedlin from Bruce Tax & CPA who says some tax preparers are simply tucking numbers in returns causing issues for small businesses and their owners. To listen to that conversation just click here

Thanks for listening.