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The Business News Headlines 10 December 2018

December 10, 2018

One thing that we are clear on is that uncertainty is the bane of Wall Street and we saw that again today in what was a crazy, volatile session. On opening the Dow fell by 200 points and then kept heading south...and there is more. Click through for the headlines including:

  • Oh those markets;
  • Verizon to cut over 10,000 jobs;
  • Instagram rolls out a voice message program;
  • And, the highest paid CEO's are...
  • Amazon cracking down on what looks to be internal fraud;
  • And, yes...those markets.

Also today a really remarkable story about how technology giants from Microsoft to LinkedIn are coming to Rural Iowa in an experiment fostered by Piller Technology to create great careers and economic growth in the tiny town of Jefferson. Congressman Ro Khanna of Silicon Valley is with us. Here is that conversation.

Also today Laura Kinnard from Drake University and is in. First she talks about an amazing gathering last week in Las Vegas called Impact Cities and then launches into some business networking and educational events in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Here is that conversation

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