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The Business News Headlines 1 June 2020

June 1, 2020

Welcome to a brand new month. Here are the stories we've got cooked up for you today along with an interview about a new startup called and Nicholas Hanstad. But first these stories:

  • Investor exuberance is one thing, science another;
  • So, you know about the "Greed Index";
  • With all the issues how come the markets are up;
  • The gig economy is taking a hit in some cities;
  • Target to close some stores;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • "Swagger and irrational¬†exuberance are...gone".

Those news stories know how we love telling start-up stories and here is one that, for you lovers of coffee, can really get into. Meet Nicholas Hanstad of This startup marries small coffee companies with a heavy dose of marketing and gives you the opportunity to experience these small batch roasters in your home, no matter where you live. Think of it as premium coffee and legendary stories. Click through and let's 

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