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The Business News 9 October 2018

October 9, 2018

So much going on today but not to won't miss out. We've got some of the top business news stories plus a bit of public policy as we sit down with three people running for public office. But, first the news:

  • Housing intrest rates climb to 5% and that will have an impact on the housing market;
  • Considering retirement? Not until you can answer three questions;
  • New news about the Amazon pay raise and it's...mixed;
  • Papa John's stock is going up and we'll tell you why;
  • Sam and Gabe's closed their doors and the reason may not surprise you;
  • What happened today on Wall Street?  We'll share.

Also today we sit down with Rob Sand who is seeking the statewide office of Auditor. What does the State Auditor do? Why does it mater? What's the deal with the state budget? What's going on with your tax dollars and for-profit medicaid?  We asked and Rob Sand has an answers.

Also today we're going to spend some time in rural Iowa and visit with two Iowa House candidates. First up is David Weaver who is running in House District 47 which is much of Boone County. He's got a great story that we think you'll appreciate.  Meet David Weaver:

Then we'll introduce you to Tim Winter who is running for the Iowa House in District 48. It's a huge area made up of part of Webster, Story and Boone Counties and all of Hamilton County. Tim Winter gets lots of windshield time.

Thanks for listening!