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The Business News 31 December 2019

December 31, 2019

Nope, we didn't take the day off nor did we go home early.  Crazy...right?  Here are the business news headlines for the final day of 2019 plus the top interviews of each month this past year. Enjoy!  

  • You won't believe how many job openings there are;
  • More Silicon Valley workers unionize;
  • Tax cuts and the's a joke;
  • Cable companies raising prices;
  • Robo-Calls and you;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Self control people...self control.

Those stories plus...come back and we'll share our top business interviews of 2019.  Feel free to click on whatever you wish to hear that conversation:

Our top conversation from December is this with U.S. Senate Candidate for Iowa Mike Franken

In November folks really connected with Improving Presentation Skills with Maureen Berger of Tero International.

Our big interview from October featured Stephanie Preusch about affordable housing in Des Moines;

September this piece about Iowa a Low Wage State took top honors;

In August our Small Business Spotlight on A New Look Windows & Exteriors took top honors;

July saw Four Questions for Andrew Yang as the big draw;

Our friend Carlos Alvarez shined in June with his Twelve Tips - Speak Your Way to Success;

The number one interview for May was Tom Hudson and Guns, Laws & Responsibility;

Brad Anderson and Iowa AARP - Flexing their Muscle took top honors for April;

In March we introduced you to Peter Stockdale from The Audible Farm Podcast a big winner;

This February interview about Black Businesses and Black Friday was a monster hit with Abena Imhotep;

We started 2019 off with this January conversation about Velocity Economics with Dr. Chris Draper.

Of course this is just a tiny fraction of the many, many interviews we conducted in 2019. What we found interesting is that not only are the topics wide and varied we also know that huge numbers were reached because our subjects employed successful social media techniques to drive traffic to their story. It's a lesson for everyone.

Thanks for being with us this past year. We look forward to another record 2020.

Michael, Chap, Aaron, Hunter & James - The Crew of Insight on Business the News Hour